02 10 / 2012

Banksy, the famous street artists, has once again lent his talent to the occupy movement, this time to assist Occupy London. Banksy has created a cleaver satire of the treasured game monopoly. The “go to jail” police officer has a scull to replace his face and Uncle Pennybeggs is displayed in the middle pan-handling for a little cash.

This artistic expression is in the form of a board game that relates our current capitalist system, to the cherished family game Monopoly. In the relation it shows the true nature of the “game”, the dark side of it in our society.

This piece has been fairly effective in drawing awareness for the Occupy cause by bringing in spectators, making them wonder “What is this giant monopoly board doing inside of St. Paul’s Cathedral?” and from that question they begin to seek the answers to the underlying issues of why it is there, which is of course to promote the occupy cause! Banksy’s Monopoly board is currently on display at St. Paul’s cathedral in London.

Photo Credit: Beth Ph

(Source: banksyt-shirts.com)

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