03 10 / 2012

This poster-art emerged from the website Occuprint in November of 2011. Occuprint started as a reaction to the Occupied Wall Street Journal asking for their collective publishers to dedicate an issue to the poster-art of occupy. Occuprint displays posters from the global Occupy movement, all of which are part of the creative commons licensing. These works are available to be downloaded for noncommercial use, although of course they do request that you give the artists proper credit.

The Occuprint website is meant to connect people with this work and to publicize the occupy movement  The artistic expression in these pieces are displayed in the form of poster-art. Since there has been so much of this form it is great to have much of it archived and readily available in a convenient location.

The website accepts donations so that they can continue printing and distributing these posters for the Occupy movement. Occuprint is entirely volunteer-run, and donations cover just the costs of printing and shipping as well as occasional minor costs associated with events and the website.They also readily display their fundraising information to the public, unfortunately they are currently about $2,000 in the hole.

However this lack of cash does not diminish the effect that Occuprint has had on the occupy community. They continue to spread awareness of the movement and create another global community, this one for artists and art-lovers alike to come together and represent the 99%.

Art Credits: Marc SavianoSamuel Oslund, Janice Ledgerwood, & Querido Galdo.

(Source: occuprint.org)